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Teaching & Learning

St Regis Continued Professional Development

Staff development is essential to continue to move the school forward. The vision is that all staff are developing their own practice and improving the education that our students receive. 

There are 6 schedules development days throughout the academic year, these are all planned and informed based on the school priorities and all staff will be involved.

All teaching staff will be involved in a Teaching and Learning Briefing every Thursday morning and this is part of the CPD programme for teaching staff, this will be 20 minutes long.

There will be 3 CPD sessions each half term after school, open to all staff to attend. These are not compulsory; however, we will encourage all faculties to have a representative present at each meeting. Staff are also encouraged to be involved in the delivery of these sessions.

There will also be a Faculty meeting for 20 minutes every Wednesday morning to support with Faculty specific CPD, these will be led by the Head of Faculty.

The Wednesday and Thursday morning meetings will be informed by the priorities and needs of the school, faculties and students, as well as the afterschool CPD sessions.

For aspiring middle or senior leaders there is also the opportunity to apply for an external qualification such as the National Professional Qualifications through the Church of England foundation for Educational Leadership. These can be focused on behavioural aspects or a lead teacher role.  

As well as this could you apply for other external qualifications such as a Masters in Education. If staff are interested in studying for an external qualification or have any queries about any of routes mentioned the should meet with Emily Pugh, and the application process can then be discussed.  Some of the external qualifications will be partly funded by the school, and some will be fully funded, depending on the provider and level.

This year we have many staff on the National Professional Qualifications through the Church of England foundation. This can include NPQs for lead teaching, culture and behaviour, senior leadership or headship.

Once a fortnight there will be a support staff meeting, this will focus on their CPD, different roles will receive relevant CPD throughout the year.

University links:

As well as developing our own teachers in their practice, we also have strong links with universities and support many associate teachers across many subjects. The providers that we work alongside to support are below:

  • University of Birmingham
  • University College Birmingham
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • West Midlands Consortium
  • Wood Green ITT Alliance

At the start of all lessons at St Regis, students take part in a Ready to Learn Retrieval focused task. This task takes approximately 5-10 minutes. All of these tasks are carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that effective spacing and conginitive load are utilised here. 

Lessons at St Regis all include engaging and inclusive learning dialogue. All lessons also follow a 'no hands up' policy when students are asking questions. The students are trained in this and it has had a brilliant effect on participating in regards to the learning diaglue taking place.

Our mini plenaries throughout all lessons give our students the chance to reflect on their learning. Not the work they have completed, but students will complete a retrieval task, a reflection activity or engage in a discussion.

The end of lesson plenaries will always involve a lesson recap, where the learning from the lesson will be idsucssed in relation to the scheme of work, and the extended learning set for that lesson, too!