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Welcome to St Regis – thank you for your interest in the work of our academy. 

It is a very exciting time at St Regis as we move into the next phase of our academy development. 

St Regis recently joined Three Spires Trust in April 2023, under its previous name, The King’s. Recently dedicated a 'Good' and 'Excellent' school by Ofsted and SIAMs inspections, St Regis Academy offers families a first-class education whilst promoting values of love and respect. 

‚ÄčAt St Regis we work closely with our sister school, St Peter’s Collegiate Academy. Upon the recent partnership with St Peter’s through joining the Three Spires Trust, we have launched a joint sixth form provision. In addition, there are many exciting developments, including multi-million-pound upgrades to the buildings at each site, that are very exciting through this partnership. 

‚ÄčAt St Regis we want all our children to be happy, safe and successful. We think this starts and ends with children demonstrating good conduct and respect. We work hard to ensure the taught, tested, enriched and experienced curriculum meets the needs of all of our students. We expect all students to live The St Regis Way – respecting others, being ready to learn, and reaching your potential. 

St Regis is an exciting and inspirational place to work and study – please come and see for yourself!