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Christ the King day

On Christ the King Day, the school stops to take time to reflect and celebrate its foundation and distinctiveness as a Church of England Voluntary Aided School and to recognise that every pupil is unique and precious. In doing so we celebrate the gifts and talents of our pupils, encouraging their development and enabling them to understand their place in the world.


Christ the King Day is a day out of our normal routine to:

  • Remember what it means to be a Church of England School, belonging to the King;

  • Think about the Kingdom of God and what it might look like;

  • Look for opportunities to put Kingdom values into practice (starting with our School values of Empathy, Respect, Responsibility and Forgiveness)


Typically, each year group will follow a different theme or question for the day. Some students are in school whilst others spend the day in local Churches or visiting Universities. The day includes a range of speakers from local organisations, charities, businesses and churches. Previously, we have welcomed speakers from Amnesty International, Christian Aid and The Engage Trust.


In November 2021, our theme for Christ the King Day was, ‘Christ’s Kingdom: Our Response.’ Each year group explored a different part of our school vision and a different Big Question (see below).


Year 7 students considered what it means to be part of a Church of England school. They reflected on their own stories, made Christmas cards for our local community and learned about prayer and reflection through an interactive workshop led by All Nations Church. 


Year 8 students were looking at 'transforming the lives of others.’ They learned about social injustice and planned fundraising ideas for our Advent Appeal, Tearfund’s Reboot Appeal.


Year 9s were learning important teamwork and leadership skills as part of an Enterprise Day. This challenged and encouraged all to work as a 'harmonious community.' 


Year 10 students had an exciting day of debate and discussion with visitors from the God and the Big Bang Project. Many were challenged in their thinking about the compatibility of religion and science.


Year 11s were busy developing their study skills and thinking about their unique calling and vocation. Our Sixth Form students also spent the day considering how to reach their full.

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