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  • The School Games Mark 2023-24

    Published 08/05/24
    We are delighted to announce that St Regis has achieved GOLD for The School Games Mark! The School Games Mark is a Government-led award scheme which was launched in 2012. This scheme rewards schools for their commitment to the development of compe
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  • St Regis Students Making Headlines

    Published 15/12/23

    All students at St Regis are encouraged to live the St Regis Way - respecting others, being ready to learn and reaching their potential. Recently, two exemplary students have made headlines for their incredible acts of respect & kindness.

    Jack, in Year 9, is one of three children who have been using their free time to clean the streets and parks in the local area. To read more please visit:

    Alex, in Year 8, returned a large sum of money to someone who had dropped it walking by. The passer-by was on her way to the bank to deposit the money for her son's third birthday when she accidentally dropped it all. Alex ran into action and made sure the money got back to her. To read more please visit:

    We are so proud of Jack and Alex! 

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